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"From innate intelligence to living your best life..."

"Modern neuroscience and ancient schools of thought are converging to show we, as human beings, have an immense, innate intelligence within us.

- Innate intelligence is the intelligence wired into every living thing. It governs every single act and response in our bodies and minds 

Innate Intelligence to Living Life (i2Living.Life) provides a simple, intuitive approach to accessing this intelligence; combining it with proven and effective 'good practice' to bring about wellbeing and  performance.

Individual performance | Professional performance | Collective performance."

Will van Zyl (2019)

i2Living.Life with Will van Zyl

Working with Will

  • i2Living.Life Coaching

    For Personal Wellbeing and Effectiveness

    Answer the one question that will put everything you do into perspective; bringing about a sense of calm confidence and ease as you face into Life's challenges.

    Clarify your true priorities and put in place the plans to achieve them.

    "How do you want your life to be?"

    Work with Will to access your Innate Intelligence and find the answer...

  • i2Performance Coaching

    For Workplace Effectiveness and Performance

    High Performance is a result of the best actions taken toward clear outcomes.

    The best action requires optimal thinking, connection and communication to have the desired result.

    Optimal thinking requires awareness of our inner and outer circumstance; in an environment that stimulates creativity and participation.

    i2Performance Coaching combines modern neuroscience and data science with ancient mindfulness and meditative practice to help you succeed at work; by engaging better with yourself and your colleagues.

  • i2Performance Team Culture

    For Performance, Transformation and Workplace Experience

    “We will start by developing trust and connection so that you can end with teams who want to work well together to succeed.”

    5 workshops to impart specific skills and experience; forging the team and agreeing how to work together.

    The techniques called on in the workshops are drawn from long established models; applying proven personal development and operational methods to set up for success.

    Visible and measurable success through better connection, engagement and collective wellbeing.

    Get in touch to discuss your needs.


Event List

Will hosts a range of online and face-to-face events where he offers an experiential approach to exploring innate intelligence; ranging from discussion forums to coaching workshops and transformational retreats.

Often co-hosted with peers, the events have the potential to fundamentally change one's perception and experience of life.

Take a look at the current scheduled free and paid-for events in the lists below.

Please note, Wim Hof Method Events are not listed here. Check the Wim Hof Method section for the list of these workshops.

No upcoming events at the moment
Will van Zyl i2Living.Life

About Will

Will  focuses on personal wellbeing and effectiveness as the basis for best leadership and performance. He teaches yoga and the Wim Hof Method; teaching others how to connect deep within to access the powerful, innate intelligence that governs each and every response of our minds and bodies.


From an early age, Will has been a happy “I don’t knower”; a seeker who learns from every experience life offers. He has had many 'realisations', as he calls them; seeing life for what it truly is and the true drive behind our behaviour,  interactions and relationship with our broader existence as a part of nature.


Will has a circa 25 year career in organisational transformation and change; having held delivery and global leadership roles in notable organisations across industry and on 3 continents, shaping and leading significant transformation initiatives.

He has drawn on this life experience and a passion for helping other fulfil their potential, to create the i2Living.Life  - the Innate Intelligence to Living Life coaching method.

Will is a registered Yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals.

He is a certified Wim Hof Method Instructor and he is a member of EMCC and subscribes to EMCC’s Code of Ethics.

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The Wim Hof Method

Will is a certified Wim Hof Method instructor.

He offers Fundamentals workshops and Weekend courses that will help you improve your immune system, master your mindset and make you stronger, happier and healthier.

Click below for Will's schedule WHM events.


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