The Process - 4 simple pillars


- Innate intelligence is the intelligence wired into every living thing. It governs every single act and response in our bodies and minds 

Learn how to access your Innate Intelligence to live your best life; calm, focussed, healthy and performing at your best in all you do.



#OpenUp to a new way of thinking...

A New Perspective on LIFE

Life happens...let go

CONNECT with where and how you experience reality

Feeling, Thinking, Doing

Wellbeing, the foundation for happiness and success

Discover a different perspective on life and what you are capable of.

Learn how to look within to better respond to life, rather than try to control it.

Clarifying HOW you want your life to be and start LIVING IT!! Free from stress and DIS-ease. 


"You can flourish; confident, well and at ease."

The work I do focuses on wellbeing as the basis for your best life. 

Our intrinsic ability to assess, respond to and make sense of the world we are a part of is often buried; masked by a 'busy world' , limiting beliefs and a lack of knowledge about what we truly are capable of.


My workshops and coaching sessions help you see past these distractions and beliefs; opening access to this innate intelligence.

Masters level certified coach - Yoga Teacher - Wim Hof Method Instructor


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What my clients say...

"An incredibly interesting, thought provoking and potentially life changing few hours with a fabulous teacher. I have never come close to experiencing anything like the effects of the breathing exercise before and I can honestly say that I feel that a breathing ‘barrier’ has been broken through and I will enjoy taking it further. I learnt a lot about myself in the ice bath and how with the help of the breath and the mind you can let go of the discomfort and pain. Thank you Will for an amazing day!"

Auriole - Attended a WHM day

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The Wim Hof Method

I am a certified Wim Hof Method instructor.

I offer day workshops and Weekend courses that will help you improve your immune system, master your mindset and make you stronger, happier and healthier.

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