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Image by Jared Rice

Ultimate WElLbeing

12-Week Coaching Programme

12 weekS


2 meet-ups

Shift your perspective on life as you start your journey to Ultimate Wellbeing.

Build the self-Knowledge and confidence needed to live life...HOW you want it to be..

The Ultimate Wellbeing, 12-Week Programme is a supportive blend of ONLINE, OWN WORK and FACE TO FACE meet-up to build connection and community as you grow...into you; a you that has let go of all that no longer serves you in life.

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Session 1 - ONLINE

Life Happens...Take a different perspective and FIND HAPPINESS IN THE HAPPENING

Introducing Ultimate Wellbeing

Basic AWARENESS building 

Discussion - LIFE HAPPENS ... 



5 hours - with breaks


Session 3 - ONLINE

Do the work to make it happen!

Take Action...The BEST Action...and keep yourself honest

Check in on YOUR life vision

Learn to access your feelings constructively to prioritise and build confidence to succeed; thinking and doing at your best

Refine your rituals...the consistent practice that makes you STRONG AGAIN in Body, Heart and Mind

5 hours - with breaks


Session 2 - Weekend MEET-UP

Envision your life - Live your intent!!!

CONNECT with nature, yourself and others

Breathe Well, Move Well, Feel Well, Eat Well,  Wim Hof Method, Nature 

A guided visioning process to answer that question: 

"How do I want my life to be?"

Build YOUR RITUAL of consistent wellbeing practice.

2 full days


Session 4 - Weekend MEET-UP

RE-CONNECT...share your successes and gain support with your challenges... Go DEEPER!

Breathe Well, Move Well, Feel Well,... Immerse in ice and move beyond what you thought was possible

Learn enhanced techniques and shift your boundaries even more

Share and celebrate in the successes and journeys of your Ultimate Wellbeing tribe

1 full day

Be notified when the next enrolment opens...

"It does not matter what your original motivation is when starting a consistent practice of something good for you.

The consistent practice will give you what you need."

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