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The TRYBE Method (TM)

Remember who YOU are...


From before we are born, we are shaped by the lives, experiences and expectations of others; Parents, Siblings, Family, Teachers, Peers, Bosses, ....

The TRYBE Method helps you to see and feel and heal ...yourself

Learn to distinguish between what you want, what you need and how to be supportive and helpful to others..

Learn to grow, and learn to LET GO of all that no longer serves your life

FInd your TRYBE! Workshops
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What is The TRYBE Method (TM)?

Where do I start?

  • 20 Jun 2024, 12:30 CEST – 24 Jun 2024, 08:00 CEST
    Casa dal Cuore, WMHQ+Q2, 90012 Caccamo, PA, Italy
    We're excited to invite you to the inaugural 5-day retreat at Casa Dal Cuore from 20-24 June. Join us for a transformative, powerful retreat in the Sicilian mountains, ideal for anyone looking to rebalance tension, harness innate human capabilities and embrace vitality.
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