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Coaching for Confidence, Behaviour Change and Growth

EMCC Coach and certified behavioural change facilitator. Keeping coaching simple so you can focus on the work.

Coaching Tools and Courses

Coaching Tools and Courses

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Holding back?


Doubting yourself?

We can put in place simple strategies to understand what the low confidence is telling you...and how to grow your confidence to focus on the important things in life.

We will work in the mind and the body to address confidence; exploring how you hold your body and how you set your mind on a daily basis to grow more confident.

Behaviour Change

Stuck in a rut?

"Bad habits"...?

Had some feedback ...?

It does not matter WHAT behaviour you think needs to change. We can work on anything.

What matters is how important it is to you to make the change.

We will explore how important the change is to you and then work on the realistic, but challenging goals you can set to make the change.

Growth - Potential

Need a significant change?

Out of your comfort zone?

 Need Clarity and Support?

 Life altering decisions are best made consciously, big or small...

The alternative is an accidental life, full of casualties. At some point you feel the need to 'take the wheel'.