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Let Life paint the picture intended for you

Life is a canvas. In any single moment the canvas is blank.

We often clutter this canvas with past experiences or future concerns.

The problem with a cluttered canvas is that we have no room to paint the picture of this moment.

The only moment we ever truly live in.

Ironically, we then start to struggle with the fact that we don’t have the room to paint the picture.

You can clear your canvas. You can act in the moment. You can be truly present in each moment to benefit from what Life has laid before you.

When you are fully present, your thinking, decisions and actions will be the right ones.

Learn how to flow from moment to moment.

Let your life paint the picture intended for you.

My thanks to whoever filmed this act of inspired genius and made it available to us.

#mindfull #presence #surrender #perfect #happy #bliss