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Conscious life = happy life

Constantly question what you really know and how this influences your behaviour (thoughts, feelings and actions) and your happiness. Or, in the case of an organisation, your success.

How much of what you do, think and feel is based on stuff you have made up or have just chosen to assume is true?

Question everything...with the intent of knowing truth when you experience it.

The more you base your life on stuff you actually make the effort to know, the more you are in control of having the life you actually want.

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev has a very simple view on the things we think we know; they can be divided into 3 types;

1 - STUFF YOU KNOW. This is what you have experienced directly.

E.g. you know how your mind and body change after a cup of coffee.


You know how good you feel after a brisk walk in the morning. You know what someone said directly to you, the words they used.


As an organisation, you know how good you are at delivering strategic projects.

2- STUFF YOU KNOW OF OR ABOUT. You have not experienced this. Someone’s told you about it, you read it somewhere or were taught it in school, university or by some other process. The point is, you have not had a direct experience of this so you do not know it to be true. You trust it is true, assume it is true or believe it is true..., but do not KNOW it is true.

E.g. you know about the broad range of benefits and negative effects coffee can have on your body and mind, but have not directly experience all of them.


You have heard / read about a lot of the benefits of regular walking, but may not have experienced all of them.


Organisationally, you know about the difference an inclusive and empowering culture and leadership style can make, but unless you have one, you don’t know it. OR

If you are religious, a believer, you have read about and been told about Jehova, Jesus or Allah, but you do not know them or know it to be true that they ever existed.

3 - STUFF YOU MAKE UP. You have not directly experienced this, but neither have you read it, heard it or been taught it anywhere. It is a fabrication of your imagination. It’s the stuff at the end of the “what if...” or the “imagine there was...” sentences.

E.g. a Kid lies in bed at night and hears a noise under the bed. Images of a scaly, bug-eyed, slavering monster living under the bed pop into mind and, from that night onward, that kid needs a light on and has to be cuddled to sleep.


You are sitting under a tree one day and an apple falls on your head. This idea of an invisible force that pulls everything toward the centre of the earth comes to mind...and you spend the rest of your life working to prove it and the various effects on smaller and larger bodies with mass.


Or, that thing everyone does, imagining 100 different reasons why you did not get the job or the guy did not call you after the first date or... all made up!

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