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What a butterfly and an omelette have in common...

When a butterfly emerges from the pupa, having entered as a caterpillar, it is no simple change that has occurred.

The caterpillar has been totally reduced to a goopy soup of proteins that is then formed, as if from scratch, into a totally new creature.

Moving from one form to another...literally transformed.

And herein, as the saying goes, lies the rub...

Transformation is not a few mere changes.

Change is simply a reaction to the environment... changing one or two things to accommodate external circumstance.

Here is a cheesy analogy.

You’re making omelettes for breakfast. Cheese omelettes. Then your teenaged son comes in and says: “I can’t just have cheese, may I have some ham in there as well?”

So you add some ham, but you still have an omelette.

Same thing if you make a boiled egg. You still have an egg...it is just boiled, not raw.

Think about the butterfly emerging; not a trace of the caterpillar to be seen.

Similarly, an omelette is not recognisable as an egg.

The eggs are gone, destroyed, no longer visible as part of the omelette.

You have broken them, added some water and other ingredients, applied heat and...voila, a brand new form called an omelette. Transformation.

Transformation is a fundamental shift to a way of being, thinking and doing that has the potential to change your environment.

Another way of looking at this is that you have removed the limitation that is the egg. You have accessed the essential good stuff in the egg; the amazing value deep inside that inherently has the intelligence to manifest itself, with the right intent, help and guidance, into something new and amazing!

Ok, so maybe we’re making omelettes sound a hell of a lot more amazing than they are (although there is nothing like a good omelette for brekkie), but the point is clear, no?

Whether we are talking about personal transformation or organisational transformation, it is about accessing what is already within you and manifesting that to the best of your ability.

Crack your shell…remove your limiting beliefs and behaviours.

Take everything you think you ‘know’ and challenge whether you really know it.

‘Un-know’ everything you thought you knew and rebuild your knowledge through experience, not assumptions and beliefs you gathered over time and now cling to, as if they are unshakable truths.

Only once you do this will you be able to get into that part of you (like the butterfly’s ‘soup of proteins’) that is your potential to be anything, as a human being or as an organisation.

See here for a bit more detail on how to 'un-know' what you think you know...

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