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Practice does not make perfect...Practice IS perfect!

Someone asked a question the other day that went something like this... "No one ever is or will be perfect, so whats the point of practice?

In one sense I agreed with him...sort of. We WILL NEVER BE perfect because WE ALREADY ARE. We have simply lost sight of that fact and no longer know where the 'instruction manual' for our perfect life is.

So my answer to him was this

Practice makes perfect? No, it doesn’t... Perfect comes from the 2 Latin words per (meaning “through” or “by”) and facere (“doing”)...so perfect means...”by doing” . So, practice ("doing with intent to improve") IS perfect. Practice, if done consciously, provides focus and connection with ourselves and others. It provides learning and (self) knowledge. True knowledge allows for an optimal and fulfilled life...away from belief, assumption and uncertainty. So, practice, when done consciously, is to be perfect...every day.

The instruction manual to our perfect life is already within us...we've just lost sight of it.

To quote a very cheesy yoga perspective: "Yoga is not about being able to touch your toes. It is about what you learn on the way down."

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