Brightest of stars

Do you feel the need to please

Walk on egg shells

To ease

The confused feelings of

The one with whom you tolled the bells

Are you uncertain still

Which bell next should toll

The celebration chime or

The alarm shrill

Rising in your heart’s heavy hole

While Judgement and Resentment dig at

An ever widening chasm

In dreams of one future that

Promised love, support and delightful orgasm

Your sense of place and you.

Beaten to the ground

Knowing, uncertain, what to do

You are their world

Let clarity and resolve abound

These cannot be touched by those

Whose love and favour

Like a flash torrent flows

With child’s heart in grown chest

Where, full grown, one would another savour

Not growing into their fullness.

The beauty of love complete

Will be sorely missed

When, in its hollow stead

The other stands in self defeat

So stand tall and shine,

Gaze calmly to the known end

For if your love is as mine

As a bastion of support this one stands

At very least, as one loving friend.

You, brightest of stars.

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