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Do you choose VICTIM or VICTOR?

Updated: Mar 22

We can choose to rise above the storm. A good pilot knows this and we literally do this when we practice mindfulness; activating the medial prefrontal cortex as a 'watchtower' over the limbic (emotional) system in the brain.

Something had been on my mind this past few weeks as we have progressed further into the #COVID-19 lock down. Watching people get 'lost' in their emotions.

I saw a post on LinkedIn this morning that prompted it again.

It was an article about being victims in the real world of workplace leadership....as opposed the fluffy lovely world all the inspirational quotes on social media lead us to believe workplace leadership should / could be. I'll not give my opinion on that now.

however, someone said boldly that...

"...being a victim is not a choice. Ask anyone infected with Coronavirus..."

Being a victim IS a choice.

Having a virus infect you is something that either happens or does not happen.

As with much else in life, we have no real choice over this and cannot really make stuff at this level happen or not.

Many things that happen in the workplace are totally outside of our individual control or influence as well. In fact, most things, unless you are the CEO of an org with a very dictatorial authority model.

The world calms in the presence of a calm mind. The storm rises in the presence of a stormy mind.

The #mindset we adopt about the infection is the choice. This is where VICTIM versus VICTORIOUS or UNAFFECTED is the choice. If you choose VICTIM, you choose to suffer and complain; depressing your mind, energy levels, overall outlook on #opportunity and physical #resilience (including immune response).

If you choose VICTORIOUS or UNAFFECTED, you choose #seeking, positive outcomes, striving, opportunity, #learning, #growth, #community and acceptance; raising your mind, #energy levels and physical resilience (including #immune response).

Of course, if you are severely affected or unconscious in ICU, this becomes a huge challenge...if not impossible. Out of the reach of most. This post is not intended for you. Instead, I send my

love and thoughts to you.

For those of us not yet infected or only mildly affected, there is a simple truth.

How the outer world behaves we cannot control.

How we behave in our inner world...that we can and control and should.

It makes no sense to choose inner turmoil when the outer world is already in turmoil.

Take this time of distancing and isolation as an opportunity to disentangle yourself from what is happening in the world. Stay involved and contribute, without a doubt, but disentangle your emotions.

Adopt a simple morning breath and meditation routine. You can call on it any time of day as well and it will help you put some distance between your emotions and thoughts and you; leaving you able to sleep better and feel better and stay well.