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Feeling connects - Evolution is inevitable

I wrote this as a comment on a brother’s post on LinkedIn.

Our intellectual brain, the one in our heads, needs to separate to understand. To feel in control we believe we need to understand everything intellectually. By default then, we tend to build structures of separation and isolated understanding in our attempts to feel in control of the immensity of life; that which we are a part of.

Your mention of the need to “...listen to your body...” is a move toward relegating the intellectual brain to its more effective position; the move toward acknowledging we are feeling beings who have evolved the ability to rationalise feeling.

Feeling connects.

Whether we look at this neuroscientifically, psychologically or quantum physically, it is clear that we respond to the feeling within and around us.

We need to explore feeling, explore connection and discover what lies beyond and in these.

When we do this we will find we, individually and collectively, do not need authority structures that exist by virtue of their existence. We will discover and create an environment where our very identification of ourselves as a part of each other and all that happens around us will establish a true authority; an agreed authority of truth and collaboration.

Evolution is inevitable. It will take time.

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