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Getting used to a Cold Shower...It'll keep the doctor away!

The benefits of a cold shower, or other cold exposure, are many. From an optimised immune system, energising impact, mental wellbeing and an almost euphoric feeling, to to conditioning the micro-vasculature in your extremities and 'taking an unnecessary load' off your heart, we should not be afraid of the cold.

It is quite a daunting thought for many, though.

If you’ve wanted to try a cold shower because of all the incredible physical and wellbeing benefits, but haven’t yet, give this a go.

If you find it too quick a process, stay at any ‘day’ for a little longer. E.g. do day 1 for 2 days in a row, etc. Go all the way though...#FullyIn.

Start with a normal warm shower and then...

  • Day 1 - Take a deep breath in and, letting it out slowly, reduce the hot water by half and stay in for 30 seconds if you can. Keep breathing easily and slowly...

  • Day 2 - Do as you did on Day 1, but then reduce the hot water by half again and stay in for an extra 15 seconds

  • Day 3 - Repeat Day 2

  • Day 4 - Do as you did on Day 3, but reduce the hot water by half again and stay in for an extra 15 seconds SO THAT's A MINUTE

  • Day 5 - Go straight to your coldest temperature from Day 3 for 45 seconds, then reduce hot water by half (or completely), as on Day 4, for 15 seconds

From then, gradually increase the duration of the shower on full cold.

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Unknown member
Jan 01, 2022

Having tried this for the first time today I can’t say it was pleasurable experience however I truly believe the benefits of this cold exposure out way the feeling of being vulnerable and somewhat uncomfortable. After I managed literally 15 seconds I felt much clearer in my mind and very energised ready for the day ahead - thank you for sharing this information and guidance.

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