Getting used to a Cold Shower...It'll keep the doctor away!

The benefits of a cold shower, or other cold exposure, are many. From an optimised immune system, energising impact, mental wellbeing and an almost euphoric feeling, to to conditioning the micro-vasculature in your extremities and 'taking an unnecessary load' off your heart, we should not be afraid of the cold.

It is quite a daunting thought for many, though.

If you’ve wanted to try a cold shower because of all the incredible physical and wellbeing benefits, but haven’t yet, give this a go.

If you find it too quick a process, stay at any ‘day’ for a little longer. E.g. do day 1 for 2 days in a row, etc. Go all the way though...#FullyIn.

Start with a normal warm shower and then...

  • Day 1 - Take a deep breath in and, letting it out slowly, reduce the hot water by half and stay in for 30 seconds if you can. Keep breathing easily and slowly...

  • Day 2 - Do as you did on Day 1, but then reduce the hot water by half again and stay in for an extra 15 seconds

  • Day 3 - Repeat Day 2

  • Day 4 - Do as you did on Day 3, but reduce the hot water by half again and stay in for an extra 15 seconds SO THAT's A MINUTE

  • Day 5 - Go straight to your coldest temperature from Day 3 for 45 seconds, then reduce hot water by half (or completely), as on Day 4, for 15 seconds

From then, gradually increase the duration of the shower on full cold.

Remember to breathe... #wimhofmethod #backtonature #innateintelligence

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