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How do you want your life to be?

“Your feelings are your internal compass to keep you on track in living life HOW you want it to be.”

Will van Zyl a.k.a. Me. ;)

Humans are feeling, emotive, social beings…before we are thinking, intellectual, doing creatures. Modern life has us living in our rational brains, though, with very few people knowing how to truly engage their bodies and feel. Very seldom do we take the time to contemplate what this means for HOW we want our lives to be.

We move through life largely unconsciously governed by feelings…from within the body…that predispose us to thoughts and actions of one type (safety oriented) or another (risk and fear oriented); sometimes subtly…sometimes violently.

Those familiar feelings (rage, joy, anxiety, anticipation, etc.) are a coming together of the sensations our bodies generate AND our psychological, neurophysiological and socially conditioned response to these sensations and emotions… These bodily sensations are designed to inform us of what is happening in our environment (inner world and outer world)…, BUT they respond to our thoughts (imagination and memory) in the same way as they would a ‘real world’ occurring experience. So, if we are largely unconsciously (even preconsciously) guided through life by feeling…and these feelings can be triggered by our thoughts as well as actual, occurring events, it makes sense to learn how to engage these feelings more consciously and constructively…

It makes even more sense to take the time to use this powerful gift of feeling to imagine and describe the life we want…to embody it as intent and to stay true to this intent as we live life HOW we want it. "HOW I want MY LIFE to be" is a guided, intuitive process to place feeling and intent at the heart of HOW we live, WHAT we choose as important in our lives and WHY we make the decisions we do. "HOW I want MY LIFE to be" is about becoming clear on our true purpose (WHY) and using feeling…our in-built compass…to help navigate the journey to fully expressing this in all we do.

You will learn to feel your free your mind of the limiting beliefs, fears and narrow vision of what is possible.

You will learn to imagine your life, get specific about what is important to YOU and to embody the feelings this life brings you so you can act authentically and stay true to your intent.

We start with HOW… (A simple guide to the first step can be dowloaded here)

Ultimate Wellbeing Coaching - Start with How
Download PDF • 1.69MB

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