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Awaken the god within

If one considers it even slightly it should be obvious that one should be facing in the right direction to see something, lest one sees only its distorted reflection or shadow.

So, to awaken the god within, look within...yourself.

There is chaos in the illusion of ‘outside’.

Distraction and suffering and the trappings of 'more'. Distorted images of new gods and God. Projections and portrayals of how the feeble, intellectual brain responds to what the true self experiences...what it knows.

Fixation on symbols at the expense of the meaning. Devotion to the messengers, ignoring the messages.

Within us, all of reality exists. Within us, the divine power of birth, growth, healing and death throbs.
Within us, resides god...the true god.
Your inner god is calm, powerful and present. Not craving more and not worried about tomorrow or driven by yesterday.

As with anything, though, your search must start with the desire or need to find that part of you that will stand against any wind.

Without this, a divine accident may be the only route.

The irony of our lives is such that we may not know we need it. We keep ourselves so distracted that the messages and signs go unnoticed. At very least, and most often, we misinterpret them.

The frustration at the end of a work day.

The hollow feeling on a Monday morning or Sunday as the work week approaches.

The unexplained desire to get 'just a little bit mellowed' every night with a glass or two of wine.

The countless cups of strong coffee every day or the pursuit of the dopamine surging, adrenalin spiking, endorphin pushing activities that give us only that thin veneer of true bliss...enjoyment.

These are all little signs that there is something missing. Something that would be settling. Something so profound it does not need to be simply is... 'enough'.

You are enough. We are enough. Enough does not come from having more.

Enough comes from less.

Having less. Doing less. Trying less. Thinking less.

Be less. Be god

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