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What the F%&K is MINDSET???

Updated: Jan 7

As is the case with so many meaningful constructs, concepts, ideas...things...the word ‘mindset’ seems to be used in so many different contexts these days that it is at risk of losing all real impact and meaning.

I noticed a thread starting up on LinkedIn today where someone kicked it off by implying that ‘mindset is nonsense and meaningless’. Not a verbatim quote and the chap was probably looking for attention, but it got me thinking.

So, what is MINDSET?

Oxford online defines mindset as: noun - “the established set of attitudes held by someone”

This definition is obviously broad enough to lend itself to possible misuse or overuse.

OR, maybe it is simply highly relevant in so many parts of our lives...

To illustrate...

The word is a noun.

Hence, pop ANY adjective in front of it and it can be used all over the show…to create relevant containers of attitude.

E.g. religious mindset, growth mindset, fixed mindset (opposite of growth), outcomes-based mindset, liberal mindset, positive mindset, negative mindset, limiting mindset, winning mindset, etc...

We can so easily get ‘bored’ of a word if it is overused or mis-used..

The word ‘mindset’ is just a sound. It is a label we have put to something very powerful. We always get hung up on labels…confusing the signpost for the actual thing it is pointing out!

One of the most powerful tools we have as human beings is how we set our minds to the task or goal at hand

Or to a group of people or situation, for that matter.

By its definition, mindset is a set of attitudes.

Our beliefs drive our attitudes Our attitudes drive our behaviour

We know it is our action...our behaviour (thoughts, feelings, actions) that drives impact, results, outcomes, our success...OR NOT.

Our physiology and brain function is directly affected by the thoughts and feelings (ATTITUDES ARE JUST THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS) we hold in our minds.

Hence, by our mindset.

We can get very academic about ‘mindset’ and get hung up on the impact or overuse of the word...OR we can

put in place good practice to set our minds to the outcomes and lives we want to achieve.

The buzzword abuse will soon become meaningless once the power of focussing one’s mind is actually experienced.

If you doubt what I'm saying, come and spend a few minutes in a 0 degree celsius ice bath and learn how to reheat your body using only your mind and breath. If your mind is not focused and set on that task...oh dear!