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Who are you? Who are you, REALLY?

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Imagine we are friends. Not the average person you call friend, but the type of friend you call family. If you came to me in a time of need when you felt your entire life amounts to nothing, you cannot find your ‘god-given’ purpose, you cannot think of any positives and you feel all alone and unloved…love, and this, is what I would offer you.

Who is it who is feeling this way? Truly…who are you really?

Is it the wounded child in you?…memories from moments long gone that have no bearing on the moment today.

Is it the frightened future you? The one who holds a picture of your future so clearly in your mind, but when things happen to make that picture not relevant or, possibly worse for you, take the picture away completely, you are left lost and uncertain.

Is it the version of you that gets caught up in all manner of drama, always curious about other people’s problems and lives, whether real or fictional…So much so that what is happening right in front of you in your own life gets little or no attention, taking you by surprise; pleasant or otherwise.

It could be the version of you that was raised to believe that you are a Knight in shining armour, here to save the damsel in distress (and right all other wrongs) and riding rough-shod over anything in your path (including you) to bring peace to your kingdom.

Or, the converse...the damsel waiting for her Knight, implicitly admitting that she is insufficient and incapable of surviving or thriving without the help of some legendary, powerful hero…

Is it the person who holds firmly to the belief in a fairy tale God or god or ‘universe’ that has a divine purpose / role / plan for you, this all important human being who, in the grander scale of the cosmic timeline, will only exist for a millionth of a nano second…if not less.

The list could go on, but the answer is simple.

The person feeling this way clearly is NOT the version of you that has realised you are both the creation AND the creator. You have not yet realised that God, god or the ‘universe’ exists within you…IS YOU.

The person feeling this way is NOT the person who realises that there is no divine purpose or role for you OTHER THAN TO ENGAGE WITH LIFE FULLY and BE THE FULLEST VERSION OF LIFE YOU CAN BE.

You do not realise yet that you are not here to save the world or rescue damsels or others from the jaws of dragons or high towers. You are simply here to witness your own life, moment by moment. In so doing to become the fullest you and be the space where others can do the same.

You are not someone who has found the completeness, sufficiency and ‘enoughness’ within yourself. Someone who knows they do not need something or someone else to complete them; money, asset, job, partner or child.

You have yet to find your family. Not bloodline, but family of those who know you, love you and accept you completely; supporting and challenging you without judgement as you grow.

You have not yet experienced how you, as a fully complete life connecting with another like you, can amplify your existence and power beyond your wildest imaginings.

You are not the person who has forsaken the melodrama, excessive drama… of the world as it presented to you, this world you seem to suffer so much, for the beauty and mystery of a life of true and complete love…not love for one person…but love as a realisation of the fact that you are all other people…all other life…are not separate.

You are not yet the person who has found the magic in truly being in each moment. You are not the person who has realised that the past you is just a memory and the future you is just an imagining. You have not learned that you can forget the memory and stop the imagining.

You are not yet the person who, deeply connecting in each moment, has found eternity, calm and bliss. Found happiness in the happening. Found God / god / the ‘universe’ in your own heart.

But you can be this person…You are it…You simply have not realised it yet.

You have not yet learned how to be..truly you…YOU.

You have not yet learned how to breathe, engage fully with life…and let go who you are not.

But you can…we all can…and you have family in me who can walk with you on the journey home.

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