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Push the Button Coaching Privacy Notice


29 December 2019





Push the Button Coaching is a trading name of Successus Consulting Limited, a UK registered Ltd. company specialising in coaching, wellbeing and transformation.


Any reference to Push the Button Coaching in this notice refers to and binds Successus Consulting Ltd.



Push the Button Coaching is committed to protecting your personal information when you are using our services. This notice provides a summary of how we will use information held about you.


We will collect personal information about you through the contact form you fill out when contacting Push the Button Coaching or as part of the sales journey and checkout journey when you buy the BASE yoga mat. If you provide additional, relevant information by phone, SMS, email, other correspondence or in person, we may also collect that information.




What information will Push the Button Coaching collect about me?




We may collect personal information about you to allow us to communicate with you about your specific needs and to allow us to process your order and delivery your BASE yoga mat. If you have subscribed and consented to our regular promotional updates, we will collect information for this as well. This information includes: 


Your name and surname 


Work or personal email addresses


Telephone or mobile numbers


Your home or work address



Our online store also uses cookies to enable the basic functionality for completing a purchase. We use basic cookies to understand site visits and site performance data, but these do not collect or store your personal data.




How will Push the Button Coaching use the information it collects about me?



We’ll only use information on you for the following reasons:


To communicate with you about what you have asked of us


To fully complete your registration for any event or service you have registered for or enquired about; to enable completion of our obligation to you


To send you promotional material if you have asked us to




When will Push the Button Coaching contact me?



Push the Button Coaching may contact you:


To confirm you registration for an event or service


If any details regarding an event or service change and you need to be informed to avoid impact to you


After you have attended an event or a used our service so that we can get feedback on your experience with, if you have said this is OK


When you have asked us a question or sent a product or service query


When you have asked us to send you promotional material and we are running promotions




Will I be contacted for marketing purposes?



Only if you have asked us to send you promotional material. This includes marketing.




Will you share my personal information with anyone else?



We share you delivery details with our couriers. We primarily use Hermes, but to keep costs as low as possible we do always aim to use the most economical courier, so others may receive your data for this legitimate interest.


Our website and CRM system is provided by WIX. Although the data is processed in their platform, WIX do not access your personal data, as Push the Button Coaching is the Controller.




What about Payment Data? 



Push the Button Coaching uses Stripe and Paypal to process payments. At no point do we directly capture or store your payment details. When you enter your debit or credit card details on our site, they are, in fact, going straight to Stripe and you are bound by their privacy policy and terms and conditions.




For any questions about your data, contact Will van Zyl using this form, here.