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Ultimate Wellbeing
"You have all you need to be well; strong again in Body, Heart and Mind."

Simple, impactful Techniques, Events and Coaching for Individuals

What is Ultimate

Ultimate Wellbeing is a state of being that offers a different perspective on life; allowing you to ‘step back’ from worry and stress and step into wellbeing, ease and confidence.

Learn a set of simple tools and practices to aid you on your journey to being strong again; in BODY, HEART and MIND.

With Ultimate Wellbeing you can RECONNECT and Be Well, Feel Well, Think Well and Do Well again.

At the heart of Ultimate Wellbeing lie 3 core elements.


Of our inner and outer worlds..of how LIFE HAPPENS


With ourselves, each other and nature in and around us


Of what makes us well...and what does not...who WE are and who we are not

HOW do you want your life to be?

Workshops, Events and Coaching

BreathE WELL

4 modules of Breathwork to...

Connect body and mind | Optimise energy | Balance the immune system | Release tension and trauma 


A guided process for clarity of the life you want

Simple tools to set intention, build confidence and take action to achieve it.

HOW do you want your life to be?



Feeling drives thought ... thought drives feeling.

Build awareness of what you feel.

Learn to connect with sensations in your body and the feelings they give rise to...



Movement to (Re)balance the Vagus Nerve and Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) |  for strength in body, mind and heart | to release tension and trauma.


Physically, emotionally, psychologically...our food is the raw material for the chemistry we are.

Learn how to cut through hype to Select, Prepare and Consume food for YOUR Ultimate Wellbeing


Best doing comes from a place of stillness and rest.

Learn how to breathe, move, eat, ,sleep, feel and think to rest the bodymind and enable Ultimate Wellbeing and optimal doing.


Workshops & RETREATS

Half day, full day and multi-day events covering elements of the Ultimate Wellbeing model and the Wim Hof Method

All my events follow the simple, EEI formula...

Experience - Feel how the techniques benefit YOU as part of an experiential learning process

Explain - Learn the underlying science and mechanisms at play that drive the benefit you've experienced

Integrate - Adopt the techniques into a regular practice by outlining a plan you can implement

"You can flourish and perform at your best; confident, well and at ease."

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Wellbeing Coaching

Start with How...

The 12-week Ultimate Wellbeing coaching programme will take you on a journey of discovering who you are not; learning to let go of the limiting beliefs and behaviours preventing you from living life HOW you want it to be.

Become clear on your intention in life, embody it and stay true to the course of living it. 

HOW do you want your life to be?

Bespoke events / workshops

A listed event or the 12 Week Ultimate Wellbeing Coaching Programme may not be what you are looking for.

Get in touch if you you want to explore Ultimate Wellbeing or the Wim Hof Method in a bespoke event for your family or friends or for an event you are organising.

These can be delivered online or on-site, as a once-off or as a regular fixture and at a cost to suit your budget.

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