What my clients say...

"For me, a course is as only as good as the instructor and how they convey the message, Will did an excellent job of connecting the people in the room and creating a positive energy and conveying the WHM method.

...,it was a journey of self discovery and enlightenment, the mind and body connection is so very real. I now feel I have the tools to start my journey...

Thank you Will for an excellent course "

Jamie -

attended WHM day

"Will was fantastic - a lovely, authoritative but gentle, knowledgeable teacher. I went deeper with my existing practice and absolutely loved the ice bath. I will definitely be doing more practical workshops."

Polly - attended WHM day

"This was an absolutely amazing, inspiring and nourishing day for me. This was all made possible by Will- a brilliant, knowledgeable and inspirational instructor. His energy radiated through the whole room. I have come away understanding more about this method and a stronger belief of my own mindset. I would highly recommend attending one of Will’s workshops.

Deepa - Breath coaching and attended a WHM day

"The beauty of how Will works is that he helped 'me' come up with the solutions to my own challenges, he didn't give me any of the answers but facilitated and questioned me so 'I' could provide clarity around my own thoughts.


Will's help has been instrumental to me over the past couple of years and I look forward to continue to work with him."

Chris - Executive

Coaching Client

"What a powerful experience it was! An hour after the breath work, I feel like some parts of my lungs have been woken up and now I have more to breathe with..it was fascinating!!"

Suze - attended Introduction

to Breathing Well workshop

"On one occasion, while Will was dealing with my ever over bearing eagerness to point exceptions out, he calmly looked at me and said ‘Don’t look behind, that’s not the direction we are going in.” Right then, my life changed and so will those who have the opportunity to spend time with him."

Martin -Workplace Coaching