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Improve your wellbeing OVERNIGHT!... with Overnight Oats

Oats are one of the healthiest grains.

Groat oats are the best for you, followed by steel-cut, large oats. Simply put, the quicker they cook, the less beneficial they are.

Oats are gluten-free, whole grain, and a rich source of vitamin B, minerals (iron, zinc, manganese), fibre and antioxidants; offering many health benefits.

The fibre found in oats is unique in that it contains beta-glucans, a soluble fibre that, when dissolved in water, forms a gel-like substance. This has been shown to play a pivotal role in reducing total and LDL cholesterol and modulating the blood sugar and insulin response. It also helps to relieve constipation.

Most notably, beta-glucans are also a prebiotic and help to support the growth of "good" bacteria in the gut.

And that's not ALL!!!

Oats also contain an antioxidant known as avenanthramides which helps to reduce blood pressure by increasing the production of nitric oxide and also has an anti-inflammatory effect.

For a low effort, high value start to your day (or snack option when needed) why not try this delicious cold overnight oats recipe.


½ cup milk, any milk will work, but I like unsweetened almond milk

¼ cup plain yogurt or ¼ cup more milk, I like using full fat Greek yogurt

1-2 teaspoons maple syrup or honey, or your preferred sweetener

1 teaspoon chia seeds, optional

½ teaspoon vanilla extract, optional

pinch of sea salt

toppings of choice: fruit, nut butter, nuts, seeds, etc.

Add oats, milk, yogurt, maple syrup, chia seeds, vanilla, and sea salt into a jar or storage container with a lid.

Stir ingredients together.

Place in the fridge overnight.

If you’re in a rush you can shorten the soak time to 2-4 hours.

The next morning (or when ready to eat), remove the lid and give oats a big stir. If they seem too thick you can add a little more milk to loosen the mixture. Top with your favorite toppings and enjoy. You can eat the oats straight from the jar or pour them into a bowl for serving.

Overnight oats should last up to 5 days in the fridge in a sealed airtight container.

Try adding a ½ tbsp nut butter or berries into the overnight oats when preparing and topping with fresh fruit, chopped nuts or seeds for crunch and texture.

Call me if you do NOT feel like this is a decadent morning pud with a huge up-side...

Eat well!! x

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